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Devra & Jay Brusso
Legendary Members Class of 2022

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

The Story

Parlay 8 is a niche business that provides a special focus on pirate fashion, from historical to fantasy. The business came into existence completely by accident by a couple who wanted to spend time together doing something fun. Devra and Jay wanted matching pirate costumes for Halloween. They searched for historically accurate costumes, but they could only find “sexy” versions of the costume. Devra, who now sews all the costumes, decided that if she couldn’t find the costumes, she would make them herself. It took her 2-weeks to create the costumes that everyone fell in love with.

Devra "Lashing" Brusso

After Halloween, they continued to create the kits for other events such as the renaissance fair. Many people saw the amazing designs and wanted to know where they could also purchase outfits like Devra and Jay. The couple saw an opportunity to fill a void, and they created Parlay 8.

Jay "Ballast" Brusso

Parlay 8 grew, especially in the reenactment community. Groups such as The Loose Cannon Company, a group of pirates that enjoy reenacting the Golden Age of Piracy, saw the value in Parlay 8’s pirate kits. People started purchasing the garbs so they could join the reenactment groups and take part in recreating history. During the reenactments, participants educate the public by only using items that were found in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The garbs that the pirates wear reflect that and Parlay 8’s kits must allow the pirates to stay true to the time frame.

Parlay 8’s strong connection to the reenactment groups allowed their brand to grow, but when covid caused the nation to enter lockdown, the reenactments had to stop. Smoke and Bacon offered them an opportunity to show off their amazing collection and to allow them to continue educating the public about the Golden Age of Piracy. The app’s founder, Wade, offered them a weekly spot to live stream their show.

Parlay 8’s live stream show, Pillage Overload, took off in the app. Initially, the audience was intrigued by what drove Devra and Jay to their love of piracy. However, what kept them coming back was the entertaining way Parlay 8 explained the history of the golden era. The fun show about pirates garnished a lot of views on the app. This allowed the couple to share the information about the history of pirates, but it also allowed them the opportunity to build brand awareness around Parlay 8. The live stream opened new doors for the company. They could reach people across the country and show the world their intricate designs.

The Golden Age of Piracy is an interesting part of history. Parlay 8’s commitment to educating the public about an era that many do not know about has allowed their brand to grow. Their accurate depiction of pirate garb has set them apart from others in the industry. While their genre may seem niche, their live stream show on Smoke and Bacon is helping them break into the mainstream.

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